Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Finished my Freshman Year so Now I Think I Know Stuff

Well Hi,
So I've recently realized that I am kind of addicted to blogging now.  Five blog posts in one day might be a little excessive, but I have to start somewhere, right?  I figure I will ride this wave of creative inspiration for as far as it will go and apologize now for the time when it will inevitably slow down a bit.

So, I recently completed my freshman year of college, so of course I now know everything.  (And by I know everything I mean I know slightly more than I did when I started).  I still really don't know much.  Regardless, I did learn some really amazing lessons thanks to the people that I met and the things that I was lucky enough to experience.  So, hopefully without too much self-importance, here is what I learned from my freshman year of college.

  • First of all, the way you choose to view something determines how big of a crisis it really is: So my freshman year I lived in a rather interesting dorm.  I think you'll understand the character of that building pretty well just from this experience.  One night, my roommate and I are asleep, when suddenly there is a huge crash.  Being in such a sleep deprived state I woke up crouched on the opposite side of the bed holding my pillow in front of me like a shield.  (Ok, it wasn't my most Buffy-like moment, but in my defense I was only half-awake).  I looked towards where the crash came from to find a very large shadowy figure hanging half in our window.  Apparently, he was looking for his friends room (our neighbor). My humble request to those who like to break into windows as pranks, count the windows correctly! Don't terrify two poor sleeping girls! My point? Most people would agree, this is a legitimate crisis.  I mean, terrifying experience aside, he totally broke our window!  However, the only thing we could really do was laugh.  Because it really was a funny experience. And it makes a really good story! Sometimes, it's really just better to let things go and view them as good stories, instead a crisis.  (However if this happens to you, you should also probably follow my other advice and find different dorm for next year!

  • Walking can solve just about anything.  A note to my sarcastic friends, no a walk will not bring about world peace, put out forest fires and it is probably not the best solution if you've just fallen down the stairs and broken your leg.  However, for normal stress-related, writers block, crazy amount of homework, lack of focus, average issue a good walk can do wonders.    I don't know about you, but if I am worried about something, I have a tendency to run my brain into circles over it.  Walking for me, gives me a physical action to match the pace of my thoughts.  And without fail, when I stop walking and return to my room, my brain calms down too and I can either solve my problem or let it go.  

  • It's totally not a bad thing to act like a total child.  I've kind of never had a problem with that, but this year definitely reminded me of this fact.  Some of the most fun that I had this past year was acting like I was still in elementary school: Capture the flag, hide and seek, chalk, going to playgrounds.  There is nothing wrong with acting like a kid.

  • If you actually tell people what's going on, they are often surprisingly willing to help.  Now, you can probably guess, I'm not really good at talking to people about things that are bothering me.  However, this year I realized how willing to help true friends are.  And, as painful as it can be to actually reveal so much to people, I also feel better for finally getting it out.  
There were tons of other lessons too, but I think it's about time I wrapped it up for now.  Don't want to give the impression that I am suddenly some sort of expert on life now.  These are just a few lessons that I learned.

Thanks for reading guys,

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