Sunday, July 1, 2012

I will never live this down...

Hi guys, this is a bit of a lighter post.  it is a story of the pretty much one and only time I have ever lost my temper in public.  Now my friends will never let me live this particular event down, so I figured I might as well share this with everyone else.  What do I have to lose?

It all started with the Treaty of Versailles.  No, not the actual treaty-but an activity designed by my freshman year history teacher in order to see how we would have negotiated the treaty.  As you know, I was pretty shy, but I was actually really excited for the debate.  You see, as long as it isn't an actual serious confrontation, I am really good at arguing.  So, I was pretty sure that the debate would go really well.  

Now, because the class was full of nerdy overachievers like me, the debate got pretty intense pretty fast.  Towards the middle of the debate,  I was laying out one of my arguments.  Things were going well, I had gotten Italy on my side, I had just delivered some really great points, I was one last comment away from creating lasting world peace (ok maybe not, but I had a really good argument).  So, as I am delivering this fantastic argument, I paused for dramatic effect.  Now, this was clearly a pause.  I had obviously not finished my argument.  Sometimes people need to breathe.  People should respect that.  People should not completely disregard the clearly dramatic nature of of the pause and start in with a completely unrelated point.  And if said person does interrupt a person's argument, there is nothing wrong with saying (perhaps at a volume that could have been construed as yelling) "I wasn't finished yet!"  

So, I still don't think I yelled all that loud.  However, considering I really didn't talk all that much on a normal basis, it was a little shocking to the rest of the class.  In fact, as my teacher decided to phrase it, I grew devil horns and steam came out of my ears.  In my defense, I was not the only one.  One of my friends got heated to the point where his face turned a shade of purple I had never seen on skin before.  However, since I was the quiet one, I am the one who will never live this down.  

And by never live this down, I mean I will seriously never live this down!  People constantly feel the need to bring this up.  To demonstrate this, here is a quote from my senior yearbook, "I still remember the first time you talked in Saban's actually yelled...and then grew devil horns....And no, I probably won't forget that.  You'll always be 'girl who grew devil horns during the debate'"  I also feel the need to mention that he was not the only person to bring this up in that yearbook, three years later.  I swear, they're gonna put it on my tombstone.  

So what's the lesson here?  First of all, dramatic pauses are a thing and should always be respected! Secondly, I may be quiet, but if I need to make a point, I'll make sure you listen to what I have to say.  

That's all, 
"Girl who grew devil horns during the debate" or just Chris

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