Thursday, July 26, 2012

If All Else Fails...

So, I haven't updated in a really long time and I'm sorry about that.  It is a combination of the fact that I really haven't had a good idea and the amount that I have been working lately (Go Radioshack).  But, I am trying to get back into the swing of it.  

Now, I am finally pretty sure about what I want to do when I get out of college.  I actually have another, serious post planned about that, but that's not what this is.  I am really happy with my decision thus far and am excited to get going with the coming school year.  That being said, I also have the habit of randomly deciding that I am actually going to have a completely different (and completely ridiculous) back-up career.  Now, most of this time this is a result of me either not wanting to do my homework and am whining or the fact that I don't feel like thinking about something that is stressing me out.  But, hey, some of these of really valid options:

Hideous Wallpaper Designer: So, whenever I am doodling/playing Draw Something I have a tendency to draw very elaborate wallpaper.  However, this is probably the most hideous wall paper that ever existed or will ever exist.  It's kind of painful.  So, naturally, I've decided that I am meant to design wallpaper.  Because hideous wallpaper has so many uses.  Don't want your guests to overstay their welcome?  Wallpaper your guest room in my obnoxious combination of colors.  Trying to get a criminal to confess?  Cover the interrogation room in my weird array of polka dots.  It's a good idea, trust me.

Circus performer: Ok, so I am completely not serious about this one.  This is my go to, I don't want to do my homework.  This can't actually happen in real life because a. I've never been to the circus b. I have no desire to go to the circus because of some animal rights issues that I'm not going to talk about right now and c. I have NO coordination.  So, it won't happen, but I enjoy saying it every once and a while.  

Children's Book Illustrator: This one has actually been jokingly suggested to me.  I feel like it would be very enjoyable.  I may not have any actual artistic skill, but I can doodle like no other!
Here's an example of my skill, haha
  I have even written/illustrated a picture book before for my biology class.  It was a story about biological warfare and featured giraffes as the main characters.  Apparently I "made biological warfare cute".  I'm not actually sure if that's a good thing, but I'll but it on my resume anyway.  


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