Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Left-handed (I think)

So hey.  This isn't really an insightful post or anything.  It's just me rambling about a really confusing part of my life.  

I would identify myself as left-handed.  And I am, for the most part.  Except for the fact that there are lots of things that I either prefer to do with my right hand or really don't have much of a preference.  Now this sounds like a really cool thing, and it is, I'm not complaining, but it can get really confusing.  

When I was younger, I had absolutely no hand preference.  I would switch hands in the middle of writing, or coloring, much to the frustration of my preschool teachers, who were trying to figure out if I was left or right handed.  This continued up through first grade.  Eventually, and mostly because everyone kept nagging me to pick a hand, I decided that I was left handed.   I learned to write lefty, along with eat and brush my teeth and other basic things.  However, I still ended up doing half of my normal tasks right-handed.  Considering left-handed scissors were nowhere to be found, I just learned to cut with my right hand.  This also somehow translated to how I would use a knife.  I guess I just associated all cutting to be a right handed thing.  The same thing happened with sports.  I started t-ball before kindergarten, so before I had a clear hand preference.  I got a right-handed glove and was taught to bat right-handed because that was what was common.  

So, I kind of have this weird dichotomy going where I am left handed for small-muscle skills like writing or eating, and I am right-handed for large muscle skills like sports.  Which is very possible and makes sense.  But, here's the weird thing: although this is how I function now, I don't think that this is actually true.  

See, over the years as I have tried different sports I have had varying results with either hand.   I can bowl with either hand (although I don't do very well either way).  In fact, I used to switch hands every frame to annoy people (my brother).  Tennis, I still can't figure out which hand I should use.  I used to get yelled at for switching the racket between hands during lessons, but I really don't feel much of a preference.  Over the years, I have had both left-handed and right-handed mitts and I really don't see that much of a change in skill.  Just the other day I was practicing Jiu Jitsu with my boyfriend and did a left side throw instinctively even though most of the time we only use right.  Even using scissors, which is something I never thought I could do with my left hand, I just tried and hand no difficulty, aside from the fact that the right handed scissors made holding them a little awkward.  

This is the same for most left-handed skills.  I can brush my teeth and eat with both hands without really any trouble.  I consistently switch hands based on what is easier to reach.   And even though I am apparently left-handed I can sew or use pliers for jewelry making with either hand.  

What I am really guessing is that I am ambidextrous.  I just don't have one clear hand preference.  Which, when you think about it, is really cool!  My next step is to re-learn all the skills that I use only one hand for with the other hand.    

The lefty (or righty)

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